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St James Walnuts - fresh walnuts

About St James Walnuts

The property of St James is located in the picturesque and secluded Moorabool River valley near Bannockburn, less than 1 hour west of Melbourne, between Geelong and Ballarat.

Fourth generation farmer, James Parker has spent the last 20 years planting and nurturing his walnut trees. They now supply Farmers Markets in Melbourne and Geelong, along with some of the best restaurant and fresh produce stores in the region.

With such a world class food and restaurant culture in Victoria, its no wonder a product as great tasting and healthy as fresh walnuts has become part of this scene.

At St James Walnuts we do things very differently to the rest of the walnut industry:

  1. We use Biodynamic/Organic farming practices
  2. We don't use any chemicals throughout the walnut growing and processing cycle
  3. We don't use traditional tree shaking harvesting machinery which is extremely stressful to a walnut tree
  4. Unlike other growers who crack all their walnuts once a year, we crack our walnuts every week, ensuring absolute freshness for the nuts we sell each week
  5. Our "foodmiles" are only 70 km's from our key market, Mebourne (the lowest of any other commercial nut grower from Melbourne)